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I never thought hackdays could be so much fun that I would end up attending not just one but two in about ten days, getting flu in between. Oh, and that my team would end up winning the overall Best in show award over 27 other hacks and almost 100 people! Which is what this blog post is about… First of all: credit where credit is due The folks from Rewired State deserve a massive thank you for setting up such events, ...(Read More)

All elections are the same

“Murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest will all be openly taught and practiced, the air will be rent with the cries of the distressed, the soil will be soaked with blood, and the nation black with crimes.” - Connecticut Courant, September 15, 1800, describing what would happen if Thomas Jefferson were to be elected president over incumbent John Adams.   (from: Retro Campaigns)

Never thought rugby training could sound like psychoanalysis

It requires a commitment of 2/4 days a week. It’s always at the same time, day, and location always with the same people. You often lay down during it. It can make you discover things about yourself. It only leaves you one month off per year. It can make you feel better, but also be painful. Never thought rugby training could sound like psychoanalysis :D

Highlights from WhereCampEU 2012

UPDATED: added the names of two speakers: Hugues Bouchard and Diego Arechaga. We learn from Ed Parsons, Google’s Geo man, that Google Maps and OSM are not fierce enemies. Au contraire, “Google wants OpenStreetMap to succeed“. So I took a picture of Ed presenting OSM, announcing it cheekily as “Ed’s defection to OSM” (no, that’s not true). All of this might have earned him the title of Saint Parsons (thanks, Henk Hoff). I agree on one ...(Read More)

In other news

Oh yes, you will allow me a bit of self-promotion, right? :-) I’ve been thinking for some time about starting a newsletter of my own about geeky stuff. No, not necessarily IT-related stuff if you are thinking about that. The idea is to collect things that can excite us geeks. That said… You’re strongly advised to join at http://tinyletter.com/puntofisso. You’re strongly advised to unsubscribe soon after, if you find it boring. You will get a ...(Read More)

The most powerful weapon

This is one of those answers that keep me going to check Quora from time to time. Not just because it’s totally true.

Is Social Media changing our relationship with Death?

“This morning I’ve started the most amazing journey”. These are the opening words of a Facebook status update of a friend of mine, announcing her own death. The status goes on to explain about her terminal illness (many of her friends, like me, were unaware of it), explain why she kept it private, and say good-bye, all in first person. How peculiar yet powerful is it? Surely my friend was not someone belonging to the ...(Read More)

Production systems can’t be beta

Warning: this is just one of those ranting, whinging, blog posts you all developers like. Yesterday I have been struggling almost half an hour with a python script. A very simple one: connect to a system, download an XML. This XML is a paginated list containing the number of the current page, the next one, and the last. The script should have simply got to the next page, read the “next” number, downloaded such page, ...(Read More)

20 UkGovCamp thoughts

1. One of the best camps I’ve attended recently 2. I want @davebriggs’ shirt 3. “Only thing that makes you special is tax payer funding” is the most stupid thing I’ve read 4. “We are special because we’re here on a Saturday, in our own time, trying to solve the taxpayer’s problems” is the best reply I managed to give 5. So many local government officers around is a very good sign 6. So little ...(Read More)