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Launching a mobile app

I know. I’ve been silent for too long.

The reason is, as most of you know already, I’ve been developing and launching a mobile app. LiveRugby, inspired by the awesome work made by Colm on his TotalFootball and StatsZone apps, promises to be the definitive way to generate and share graphical analysis and statistics for the data-centric rugby fan during the next World Cup. I chose an app about rugby because is something I understand and I’m passionate about. I wanted to learn more about rugby, and more about mobile applications, and this seemed the best opportunity.

I still can’t say much as many information are, in a way, “secret” until and I need to get some clearance from one of the suppliers. But, I promise, I’ll be writing soon about it.
For the moment, let me just give you a list of what I wanted to experiment with this venture:

  • Planning the application
  • Dealing with the supplier of data, OptaSports
  • Being able to project manage myself
  • Research what kind of statistics might be useful in a sport like rugby and how to display them in a way that is easy to understand to the average fan
  • Develop a full application on my own
  • Being able to outsource part of the artwork to a graphic designer
  • Launch the app on the market
  • Start a marketing campaign on my own getting in touch with press and media
  • Communicating and satisfying customers-users

At the moment the app is launched on the Android market, although I’m already working for an iPhone version for the RBS 6 Nations. Of course, a business venture like this is successful when a profit is made out of it.
However, there are several other measures of success that I need to take in account, roughly at every point of this list.

Whether this project has been a success or not will be subject to analysis and to a more detailed blog post when it will be time to make a balance. For the moment, I’m totally enjoying the learning experience it has been so far, and the constant challenge posed by launching your own enterprise.

I’d like to know what my readers think 🙂