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4G? No, really?

Vic Gundotra on Android 2.2:

  • 2x-5x increase in speed (due to Just-in-time compilation)
  • tethering and portable hotspot
  • impressive voice recognition capabilities
  • cloud/app communication with instant mobile/desktop synchronisation
  • Adobe Flash (“It turns out that on the Internet, people use Flash.” is my favourite quote ever…)

Steve Jobs on iPhone 4G:

  • You can play Farmville

Do I need to add anything more? 🙂

Work in IT

The hunt for a Google job

The first time I got in touch with a Google recruiter was more or less a week after I’d decided to enrol for a PhD. Apparently this – very kind, I must say – recruiter was browsing uni pages and found my profile. At the time, apart from telling her that I was due to start a PhD in some months, I was very interested in Systems Administration. She did all her best to convince me to apply as a Developer. Weird, but probably there’s some rules here. Of course after a couple of interviews in which I told them that I was not interested in moving to Switzerland and that I wanted to do a PhD, they decided not to pursue with my profile.

Now, again, a recruiter has contacted me. A week after having started a new job. This time, I’ve moved onto being a developer. Guess what? She wants me to apply for a Systems Administration position.

Google, you have knowledge of everything on the network. What about trying to tune your timing and select me for something I’m actually skilled for? 🙂