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All elections are the same

“Murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest will all be openly taught and practiced, the air will be rent with the cries of the distressed, the soil will be soaked with blood, and the nation black with crimes.”

– Connecticut Courant, September 15, 1800, describing what would happen if Thomas Jefferson were to be elected president over incumbent John Adams.


(from: Retro Campaigns)


Never thought rugby training could sound like psychoanalysis

It requires a commitment of 2/4 days a week.
It’s always at the same time, day, and location always with the same people.
You often lay down during it.
It can make you discover things about yourself.
It only leaves you one month off per year.
It can make you feel better, but also be painful.

Never thought rugby training could sound like psychoanalysis 😀

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In other news

Oh yes, you will allow me a bit of self-promotion, right? 🙂

I’ve been thinking for some time about starting a newsletter of my own about geeky stuff. No, not necessarily IT-related stuff if you are thinking about that. The idea is to collect things that can excite us geeks.

That said…

  • You’re strongly advised to join at
  • You’re strongly advised to unsubscribe soon after, if you find it boring.
  • You will get a letter every 7-15 days.
  • [As regular as you were before you started taking that probiotic yogurt every morning. (Don’t blame the granola).]
  • I promise you will get the most interesting links I’ve found. And sometimes rechts, too.
  • I promise you will get books recommendations. Or at least excerpts of them. That might include a Bible or two.
  • I promise you will get strange music. Trash music. Fake music. Classical music. I hope you like Rammstein, but they won’t necessarily be in the soundtrack.
  • (No worries for your crystal glasses: I’m not gonna sing.)
  • I promise you will get poetry. Not necessarily written by humans. Possibly not written by me. But you never know.
  • I promise you will get interesting photos. No, not just mine. Yes, I’ll try to get that “just” away, but I want to have options.
  • I promise you will get the best ideas in circulation. You will get maps to navigate through them.
  • I promise you will get the best geeky humour. And (home) cheese (making) recipes. I’ll call them algorithms.
  • I promise you will get the most exciting conversation I saw on twitter. Condensed.
  • I promise you all of this will be short and occupy more or less a page.
  • I promise you will get unicorns, double rainbows, Möbius strips. You will get umlauts and maths. You will get where no man, where no one has gone before. Just not boldly.

I should give credits to @robertbrook. He doesn’t know me, I don’t know him. But his funky newsletter was enough to convince me to write one myself. So you should rather sign up to his.

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The most powerful weapon

This is one of those answers that keep me going to check Quora from time to time. Not just because it’s totally true.

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4G? No, really?

Vic Gundotra on Android 2.2:

  • 2x-5x increase in speed (due to Just-in-time compilation)
  • tethering and portable hotspot
  • impressive voice recognition capabilities
  • cloud/app communication with instant mobile/desktop synchronisation
  • Adobe Flash (“It turns out that on the Internet, people use Flash.” is my favourite quote ever…)

Steve Jobs on iPhone 4G:

  • You can play Farmville

Do I need to add anything more? 🙂


If only…

I think I sometimes express my childhood dreams even when using mySql…